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Looking at getting ahead of the game and pursuing a new job, here are a few secrets to success.

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The job market in 2022 has been crazy!! As many of us here at Integro have worked in the re...

By Sarah Hardy

Head of Property Services

The job market in 2022 has been crazy!! As many of us here at Integro have worked in the recruitment sector for several years, we have never seen anything like it!

I don't think anyone could have foreseen the market in 2022. There was a huge increase in new jobs on the market and applications were up too. What we have found is it is very much a "Candidate driven Market" one of the most competitive job markets in memory

What should you be doing?

Research has shown that Mondays’ are the most popular day it seems to apply for a new job, so if you are looking to get the jump on the jobs, take some time on Fridays to get your application in first before the weekend.

The market is incredibly competitive right now and the trend looks here to stay for now. So, make sure your CV is the best it can be, if you need help making that CV stand out our team are more than happy to help you can call us on 0161
989 5670

Apply to multiple jobs, not just one, if you want to move, speak to a specialist agency that specialises in your industry sector and see what roles they have or might have coming up. Make sure they have your details, and an updated CV and ask if they are happy to speculatively float your details to companies you wish to work with.

Get clear on what you want. Before starting your job search, take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and look at how you showcase or address these.

Update and tidy up your LinkedIn profile, and ask for recommendations from colleagues, previous bosses, customers etc… it’s your live resume and attention must be paid to making sure it’s as informative as it needs to be. See it as your brand.

Companies will likely be looking to wind down their recruitment process towards the end of 2022 but this does not mean you should be! Get a head start on everyone else by trying to end the year with a new job. Companies may not be actively on the market hiring but this does not mean that a superstar candidate like you, won’t get them rethinking that.

With the market favouring the candidate you will have the power if a prospective employer is taking their time, you will likely table multiple offers so with the ideal company you can give them a slight nudge to make them away that you won’t be available forever.

Albeit the market does get quieter near the end of the year, this to us should be the busiest time as companies can get their affairs to get a good start to 2023 in place and hopefully with you aiding to that fruitful start to the year.

If you want some help with your search, your CV, making your stand out on LinkedIn or navigating the job market drop us a quick email at 
Integro Partners we'd love to help.