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Off Plan Property Companies - are you p*ssing your leads into the wind?

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Off Plan Property Companies - are you pissing your leads into the wind? The UK real-est...

Off Plan Property Companies - are you pissing your leads into the wind?


The UK real-estate market is abuzz in 2024. This year, there are whispers that the UK will become Europe’s leader for real estate resurgence after the economic downturn, and overseas investors are tipped to turn their eyes back over to The British Isles. With the prospect of interest rate cuts, decreasing mortgage rates and increasing property prices, as an off-plan investment company, it’s time to get excited.


As a result, we’re seeing clients invest heavily in their lead-generation, with huge budgets from £30-60K monthly, however we’ve noticed many without a clear, concise recruitment and onboarding strategy for their sales consultants. Spend all you want on leads, if you’re not attracting, training, and retaining your consultants, frankly, you’re p*ssing significant investment into the wind.


Solid lead gen is a must, but sales teams serve as the lifeblood of your enterprise; and it’s by tightening your processes that you’ll maximise on the investments you make into helping them do their job well.


Polishing your recruitment and onboarding also lends itself to great retention. With great retention, you can work on refining a winning culture for your Off-Plan Investment Consultants, which then feeds back into attracting more great consultants. 


So, what does effective curation of a top sales team look like?


1. Improved Conversion Rates


You maximise profit from your marketing budgets by investing in comprehensive training programs and onboarding processes. By equipping your sales teams with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage prospects, your clients are effectively guided through the sales journey. A well-trained sales force can leverage persuasive techniques, address objections, and build rapport with potential investors, ultimately increasing conversion rates and maximising the return on lead generation investments.


2. Leveraged Personalised Approaches


Personalised communication makes all the difference. Sales professionals trained in rapport building, understanding investor preferences, financial goals, and risk profiles deliver a much more compelling value proposition. Investing in sales training that emphasises empathy, active listening, and relationship-building enables representatives to create genuine connections with prospects based on trust and loyalty. As a result, leads are more likely to convert into satisfied investors, driving revenue growth and long-term success.


3. Enhanced Customer Experience


Exceptional customer experience is the cornerstone of success in any industry, and off-plan investment marketing is no exception. Ensuring your new recruits are effectively trained from the outset means there will be a focus on communication and rapport building. This will equip your representatives to deliver personalised experiences tailored to individual investor needs, prioritising a customer-centric ethic; developing long-term client relationships and repeat business.


4. Developing a Culture of Excellence


Establishing a comprehensive recruitment and onboarding process lays a strong foundation for the future success of your company. Doing it well will instil your company’s core values, aligning new hires with your company's mission and vision, which cultivates future leaders. Ongoing training and professional development opportunities will then empower your sales teams to reach their full potential, driving innovation and excellence across the organisation. This is not only attractive to your clients, but also to your future recruits.


Here at Integro, we are poised to partner with an off-plan investment companies who want to make sure they recruit and onboard the very best sales consultants in order to maximise profit from their marketing budget and lead generation. 


Our dedicated and established Property Services team offers excellent partnership services which not only encompass excellent quality hiring, but consultancy, market insights, and ongoing support for your long-term talent acquisition strategy. We are known for building long-term relationships based on trust, superlative service, and extremely high success rates.


Get in touch today if you’d like to chat to us about what we have done to assist other an off-plan investment companies, and how we can apply a bespoke strategy to assist your future growth.