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Integrating the best people

Trusted Recruitment Services in Property & Financial Services

Integro are experts in Talent Attraction and Recruitment across Property and Financial Services

Our Network Trust Integro to represent them correctly in the market, ensuring the right people are identified and secured for their teams. Our Service is proven to save time, stress and money whilst also increasing business performance.

In order to get the best results and offer the right service, it's important we spend time with you to understand your business and specific requirements. This way we can give our advice and recommendation on the best service and approach needed.

We believe transparency is key in every recruitment campaign to ensure best service, smooth process and best outcome. This is why our network trust us.

We have access to the best recruitment tools and software so we can gain access to candidates on the market who are either actively or passively considering a move.

Our Talent Consultants are always keeping up to date with both the Property and Finance sectors to ensure we understand the market and manage expectations.

Our Consultants will always offer honest advice and guidance to show how you can be more attractive to candidates and how you can beat your competitors to the best available candidates in the market.

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