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A Short Guide on How to Take That Next Step in Recruitment

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Are you a graduate or a new entry-level recruiter starting in the sector and want to know w...

By Sarah Hardy

Head of Property Services

Are you a graduate or a new entry-level recruiter starting in the sector and want to know what it takes to become a successful recruitment consultant?

Then read this blog and see Integro’s advice on the best steps to making a success of recruitment.

First what you will need is to have the power of the duck (like water off a duck’s back), what we mean by this is to ensure that you are able not to take the bad times personally. Being in a sales position you are going to have to deal with rejection, whether that would be from candidates or clients.

You are going to speak with candidates that have dealt with 100s of other recruiters once they post their CVs on a job board, so you could be the one that finally makes them feel they have had enough of recruiters. Don’t take this as a personal attack, you will need to just be empathetic.

This brings us to our second point empathy; this is an extremely key skill to have. You are dealing with people after all and this is not a simple transaction of selling a consumer product you are attempting to sell a change of scenario from one job to the other. You will have to appreciate any circumstances that may scupper that situation.

There are a multitude of reasons why a candidate might drop out of a job process, they could have a family emergency, a counteroffer, a better job offer arises and many other reasons. Being able to stay controlled throughout any change in situation is essential to staying the course and keeping a good relationship with your client.

Client relationships are the next area to be aware of. Clients can be very fickle with their relationship with you and being able to maintain a healthy relationship will begin from the first conversation.

Once you first speak to your new client you need to establish that they are serious about recruitment, because if they are only passive about the process. This is a red flag from the get-go if they are not going to be as passionate about fulfilling the role as you are then you might not see a quick process with them. You want to know that when you send ready and available candidates they are prepared to give quick feedback and have the availability to interview these candidates right away, as in the current market candidates are in short supply so they are likely to be snapped up right away.

Your last skill to sharpen up on is patience. You are starting a new career and need to give yourself the time to learn while also adapting to your new environment, recruitment of course is a fast-paced world but you need to be a sponge and take in any knowledge wherever it comes from.

Clients will be slow at making decisions on candidates whether they are suitable for certain positions, you will have to contact multiple members of their hiring team and be able to keep all of them pleased, learning how to speak to each one as an individual will take time to master.

Candidates will likely be in their contracted position and not always readily available so trying to reach them to inform them of an upcoming interview request and being patient with their reply is key as you do not want to rush them on decisions as this is their life that is changing, and they are not just a means to you hitting your target.

Now with all these skills at your disposal, you will be able to weather the storm of the industry you are in and begin setting the foundations for a healthy and lengthy recruitment career.