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Mark Deane - Director

Mark Deane - Director

The Mortgage Store - Partnership Agreement

“Integro really are a stand out Recruitment Consultancy. A great service that is proactive with honest guidance and feedback at all times. In comparison to other agencies where the service often feels reactive, Integro are quality focused and we fully trust them representing TMS in the market."


What was the job Integro helped recruit for?

Associate Partners (An Exclusive 'Self-Employed' Mortgage Broker Platform)

Senior Mortgage & Protection Brokers

Protection Specialist Advisors


Which service of Integro's do you use?


"We use Integro's Partnership Agreement as we have a constant need to hire within the business and need a dedicated, ongoing service which is working really well."

What Impressed you with Integros Service?

“The service we receive from Integro is of a high quality, they take the time to vet candidates and ensure that they are the right fit for us not only with experience but including their character and personality, ensuring they can be integrated with the team."


How did Integro differ from the previous recruitment agencies you used?

"Having worked with other recruitment agencies in the past, their service always felt a reactive service rather than a proactive one. We truly feel a priority when working with Integro. We can have constructive criticism, good feedback and go back and forth being able to offer advice which helps with the ultimate goal of hiring the right people for us.

The results regarding actual onboarding of new candidates have been simple as the candidates they get to us are always good to go once the referencing period had been completed."

The Process

How did Integros experience and industry expertise help you find the right hire?

“Integro took the time to understand our business and what we are looking for, they also are clued up on the mortgage industry so we are able to talk about the latest ongoings in the industry and how that could affect us with recruitment and what kind of people we are looking for if there are changes to what skill of people we need.

They share the same motivations as us, we understand that they as a business need to hit revenue targets but with that helps us recruit the best possible people. It really feels like a Trusted Partnership which is great for us both"


Would you recommend Integro’s “Partnership” service?

“Would highly recommend the use of Integros Partnership agreement, this is due to the fact you feel like that you are in the process together and that you have a good collaboration on the recruitment campaign, we can get feedback regularly and trust that they are always going to deliver a good service, with the best candidates possible."

The Outcome

How many quality candidates did you get sent?

"We have managed to hire around 8 new Associate Partners since working with Integro, previously we had only hired 1/2 from other agencies. We have in total had 16 candidates and the other 8 not being successful due to referencing and check procedure problems, the candidates within the interview and experience they offer were still attractive to us."


What convinced you to use Integro?

“Having Jonny reach out to us and offering the partnership agreement really helped see that he was able to give that trusting relationship we had been looking for with a recruiter for a while. Having the initial agreement helps you to know that Integro will get results for you and that they will ensure that you are a priority to them. Especially with them being so transparent and honest when it comes to our attractiveness as an employer we could feel that we were going to get the right results."


Did Jonny O'Dea (Director) offer anything different to recruiters you worked with previously?

“Jonny has brought in a new approach to recruitment, we set goals and targets together to help understand how we are going to achieve our business growth plans. We are also able to work collaboratively on the process whereas before we would receive CVs non-stop from other agencies when we had no need for them and would constantly be pestered to speak with recruiters we had no interest in speaking with."