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Why does Integro get the best results?

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Why does Integro get the best results?Here at Integro, we pride ourselves on our ability to ...

Why does Integro get the best results?

Here at Integro, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce the best results for our clients.

We have the industry knowledge to give us the edge when sourcing the right candidates for the vast variety of roles we take on, we can adjust quickly with our ethos of transparent recruitment.

When we speak about “Transparent Recruitment” we feel that being honest and open from start to the end in our dealings with both candidates and clients, will enable a smooth process and ensure that our work with you will be completed to a high level.

We have two teams here at Integro one focusing on Financial Services Recruitment and the other based on Property and Estate Agency Recruitment.

Having two specified markets and having experts working within both sectors to help educate the rest of the group on what information will be required to help be professional and be able to speak with any potential candidates as if they were speaking to someone at the client they are going across to.

Our Financial Services Recruitment Team have multiple years of experience varying from being solely around recruitment or having a few team members who have worked in the industry in a variety of roles. Having this variety in backgrounds gives the team to have multiple approaches to how they implement a recruitment campaign on behalf of our clients.

The Property Recruitment Team has a great team that has a background focused on sales which helps to understand the kind of people who would succeed within the property sales market.

Integro offers different services compared to your average recruitment agency where the standard offer is to charge a percentage based on the salary for the role you are recruiting for. Integro likes to ensure we have an agreement with our clients so that there is trust and transparency from both ends.

Our success comes with the resilience of our team that stays upbeat once involved in a project, they will give insight into the industry to help our clients have the best idea on how they can offer the most attractive package to entice the best candidates.

One of our methods that are extremely beneficial to both candidates and clients is the representation of candidates, with this, we speak with active candidates looking for a new position and take onboard their requests for a new job and get them in front of suitable clients.

This is a great way for us to place candidates as we can sometimes get them to companies that are not actively looking but see the benefit and potential of hiring the candidate, we have presented them with. Again, we will always be transparent with the candidate so that they are aware of which clients they are being presented to just so there is no backlash and that their requests for a new role are being met.

The team offer their expertise to the candidate throughout the process to candidates to make sure they are prepared wherever possible and can give the best account of themselves when interviewing and new companies. We will also sit down with them and talk through all possibilities so they

Our Talent Consultants will always offer the best advice even if it can be deemed blunt and to the point, but we would rather give you the best advice that will benefit candidates in the long run.

Using the best recruitment technologies available to the team gives them the edge when it comes to finding the right candidates, they can find many of them and their skills as recruiters will be where they manage to find the diamonds in the rough to perform for your company.

The team are constantly trained and updated on the best tools that are available to recruiters in the modern era, even the use of their social media is a powerful tool that each of our Talent Consultants is kitted out to use effectively.

The reach for someone unhappy and looking for a career change is endless, the possibility of finding someone on Instagram scrolling through their feed on a rainy Tuesday evening when they have had a terrible day at work is only increased when the platform is used correctly. A post about an opportunity that seems too good to be true may pop up on Instagram reels or their Facebook homepage all it would take is for that person to click on the link from the post and contact our team to begin the conversation about moving jobs.

Recruiting can be a fantastic industry for the opportunities it brings to people across all industries and sectors. Within the Property and Financial sectors, the prospect of getting that dream job is always out there, whether you want somewhere more results-focused or somewhere slightly more relaxed environment.

If you want the best industry-specific knowledge and insight that will help your company stand out from the crowd, then contact our team to solve your recruitment issues.

If you are a candidate struggling to find the right role, then call out consultants to represent you in your search for the best possible options for you.