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Recruitment Marketing: Your new way to hire talent

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In a market where the candidate is king, you need to think about methods out of the norm to...

By Sarah Hardy

Head of Property Services

In a market where the candidate is king, you need to think about methods out of the norm to attract your new hire.

We are in an age where your digital presence is now a key factor for people applying for a new job, with the next generation of Gen-Z entering the working market, their parameters for a healthy working environment.

New start-up companies are now having to invest heavily in their employee benefits, offering such incentives as takeaway vouchers, private healthcare and many other exclusive benefits.

There has been a rise, especially within sales-based companies that when the team hit certain targets, they will bring in a holiday reward for their team, this has been accelerated since the ending of lockdown restrictions and seems to be a successful venture for most companies at this stage.

These incentives are a great opportunity to build a social media presence for a company looking to bring on new staff. Showing that you care for your staff and are willing to reward them with a trip abroad is a pretty good way to entice anyone who might be on the fence about joining your company.

Having a good healthy social media presence can of course help you attract valuable talent, but do not just use your social media page to show off the great incentives staff get, but also show that you are passionate and knowledgeable about the sector you operate in.

By doing this you can clearly showcase to candidates that you are not going to sound clueless when in the interview and that if they join the candidate will have adequate support throughout the time with you. Being extremely clued up on your industry and sharing that with your audience says to the potential candidate that you care and are willing to share that information with those that need to hear it.

Now we have mentioned the benefits of having a respectable digital presence through social media, that is not the only way to show that you are serious about marketing to attract talent. The simple touches of making a “join us” video for your website is a great touch to on-looking candidates. The video does not need to be flashy and over the top but an easy quick “get to know” the company and its people, the video format is much more effective than simply writing it down for people to see. Showing the offices in where they will be working in gives the candidate a good idea of where they could be for the foreseeable future. Hearing from potential co-workers about their time there and why they’ve been there for so long will also help reaffirm their interest in you.

Another small touch to have is a company brochure dedicated to attracting talent, this will give a permanent reminder to the candidate as to why you are the company worth joining, you need to remember that in this current skill shortage climate, you will need to stand out from the crowd.

Having everything detailed with what your company has to offer, and the specifics of the job will just imprint onto the candidate what they are potentially joining and what the expectations will be of them from day one.

If you are interested in some improvements to your marketing within your recruitment process, why not speak with our marketing department to discuss your options.

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