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Recruiting in a market where the candidate is king – how to?

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Recruitment is one of the most challenging parts of any business. In some cases, it can be ...

Recruitment is one of the most challenging parts of any business. In some cases, it can be the most challenging. The war for talent has never been so fierce and companies have never had such a hard time finding good people.

The main reason behind this is that there are more and more companies out there competing for the same talent pool. This means that candidates have more options than ever before, and they are not afraid to use them. They know that there will always be another job opportunity out there, so they do not need to accept an offer right away.

This puts recruiters in a very difficult position because they must find ways to convince candidates that their company is worth joining over any other option they may have. If they fail at this task, then they risk losing their best candidates who might even go on to start their own businesses or become freelancers instead of working full-time for someone else.

In order for recruitment teams to succeed in this competitive environment, they need to understand why candidates behave like this and what measures can be taken against it –

Since what seems like one of the craziest economic periods in UK history with the implantation of the Brexit legislation and the sudden shock of COVID-19 we have seen an unprecedented change in the labour market like never before.

With the changes to the talent pool especially from the European market, there has been an adjustment for hiring managers and recruiters, this is due to a lot of the workers leaving for a multitude of reasons with Brexit and Covid being at top of that list.

There is now for the first time in the modern era that there are more jobs than there are people unemployed in the UK. This makes the possibility of finding the right fit for an open job at a company more paramount than ever. Being able to identify a valuable candidate takes time and considerate effort, this is why recruiters have never had more demand, companies are too focused on their own operations to spend valuable business hours sifting through CV’s arranging interviews.

Recruitment agencies now more than ever are able to save you time and money, all year round. Recruiters take the time to identify pain points for companies and offer solutions, it is not just a simple transaction, what is on offer is a means to an end.

Recruiters’ ability to source talent as well is a skill needed in the candidate-led market, finding those that are genuinely serious about a change and that won’t waste the time for all involved, making sure that time is spent efficiently will fall at the hands of the recruiter, being able to have all parties singing from the same hymn sheet is a skill most recruiters are able to manage on behalf of their clients.

Integro take pride in being a specialist in Property recruitment and Finance recruitment this helps with being able to talk the same industry language to all involved so when speaking to both candidates and companies there is a clear synergy.

For example, our finance recruiters take pride in being able to communicate fluently with all the industry jargon so that they can understand fully what each candidate desires with a new job and what a company is ideally looking for with their next hire.

Recruitment now is tough but having the right support can reduce stress levels.