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Introducing Integro’s Services – Targeted Search What is Targeted Search?

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We understand that working in both the Property and Finance Sectors, there are some extreme...

We understand that working in both the Property and Finance Sectors, there are some extremely niche positions such as investment analyst, this is going to be quite specific to just the Finance industry. Meaning that we can offer a bespoke service where we can focus our energy and resources to find a suitable candidate for your niche position.

A targeted search means we will target your sector, competitors and industry leaders to find the best insight for sourcing your ideal candidate. We will map out the market to see where the best available options might be and how you can best attract them, our years of industry knowledge will be on call whenever you request it and throughout the process, if we see any issues from either end we will be there to liaise and offer support how we see fit to ensure all parties are happy.

Using our Targeted Search approach, we offer the perfect blend of Talent Attraction and Soft-Headhunting to assess active and passive professionals who suit your niche vacancies.

Our Targeted Search Service can be focused on niche skill sets and experiences along with key locations to ensure the right people are identified, attracted and secured.

Integro's Targeted Recruitment Search is the ultimate solution to secure talent in a niche or hard-to-find position. Our bespoke process narrows down the candidates based on the specific requirements your company is searching for. This service caters to differentiating factors, from geography, skill sets or experience and ensures your open vacancy is only presented to the targeted talent who fits the criteria you're looking to find. In addition, implementing a targeted employment recruitment strategy can help build your employment brand within your niche specialism. Our Trusted Service throughout our network has a 100% success rate.

Our Targeted Recruitment Search process begins by assigning you a dedicated consultant and completing a detailed discovery meeting with you. Your specialist consultant will conduct thorough market mapping by analysing the competition, location and demographics of the active and passive talent within your niche specialism and our existing network. Next, we will advertise your vacancies on social media and job boards whilst supporting you with negotiations, feedback, offers and starts dates of potential hires. Then, with consistent updates and transparency, within 4-6 weeks typically, we will provide you with a shortlist of best-suited candidates to help advance your business and help you secure the right people.

We are a people-focused targeted recruitment agency with expert consultants committed to meeting your talent acquisition needs. At Integro, we build long-term relationships with clients across the UK through an honest and transparent approach. We will become your business's hiring partner. Our level of service goes beyond just filling vacancies; we help progress your business to hit key goals and get ahead of your competition.

Everything starts with a conversation at Integro. From management roles to senior positions, our targeted search service is here to relieve you of your talent acquisition challenges. We listen, we consult, and we deliver when it comes to your recruitment needs. So, if you have a niche role to fill or are struggling to source hard-to-find talent within your market, get in touch and discover how our Targeted Recruitment Search can work for you.