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Relationship Manager Jobs

As specialists in sourcing the best Relationship Manager jobs within the Northwest, we understand how valuable you are to businesses and their clients. Responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining solid relationships with customers and clients. You assist with lead generation and help identify financial opportunities to produce revenue growth for your internal organisation and external clients. With a deep understanding of the Financial Services industry, you create plans to cultivate profitable partnerships with new clients and increase the longevity of loyal partners.  

  • You have a customer-oriented mindset and communication skills to build relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Additionally, you are great at taking complex information and interpreting it more simplified way.
  • With experience in managing multiple accounts, you are an organised individual with an ability to foster and nurture relationships within the Financial Services industry.
  • You are a problem-solver, capable of working efficiently within a team. Finally, you have an in-depth knowledge of Customer Relationship Management practices, with experience in sales and customer service.

Relationship Manager Roles & Responsibilities

We recognise Relationship Manager jobs come with specific credentials that are highly sought-after within the Financial Services industry. You work closely with your assigned clients, getting to know their challenges and goals. You provide tailored solutions to satisfy their needs and ensure long-term partnerships are formed. You approach existing clients with upsell opportunities to help their business and your company grow. Working at both ends of the funnel, you will find ways to attract new clients whilst ensuring you do everything to retain the accounts of well-established clients. 

Our Financial Services recruitment consultants are industry experts. Their knowledge and experience in working within the market have helped us build out an extensive client partner network. These established connections allow us to place top talent in some of the best Relationship Manager jobs in the Northwest. From Finance Relationship Manager jobs, Client Relationship Manager jobs and Client Manager jobs, we can match you with a role best suited to your occupational aspirations. At Integro Partners, we listen, we consult, and we deliver.

Everything starts with a conversation, so if you're looking to find your next Relationship Manager job, then we can help. As a people-focused recruitment consultancy, we take an honest and transparent approach to our search process. We put you and your goals above everything else, ensuring we find you a role that maximises your potential. So, send us your CV, book a call or email us today to discover the Underwriter roles available to you. Alternatively, start your search now by browsing our latest Administrative Support jobs today.

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Today, Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition Managers and company Directors will spend an average of 10 seconds scanning your CV. So, to secure your dream Relationship Manager job, you must ensure your CV is flawless. Thankfully, our specialist recruitment consultants are here to help get your CV looking 10 out of 10. So, submit your CV below, and we will be in touch to help you advance your career.

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